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DEXA Scans with Body Map 360

The Top Five Reasons Why you need a DXA scan

By | DXA
Often times people ask us why is a DXA scan better than other methods of testing body fat and why would I need one? Well, the answer is simple ” DXA scans are so much more than a body fat test”. Getting a DXA scan with us will give you a clear understanding of your body make up. It will show where you have made the best gains and where you can improve. The ability to compare your past scans with your current scan can give insight into what is working for you. Here are our top five reasons to get a DXA scan today.

1. Accuracy

A DXA ( Dual X-ray absorptiometry) scanner is an FDA approved radiological device. Others can claim to be accurate but they cannot compare. Each day our DXA goes through a quality control ensuring that it is within one percent margin of error.

2. Visceral Fat

Your DXA scan will reveal the dangerous fat stored in and around your organs. No other method of measurement is as accessible to the public to measure Visceral Fat.

3. Accountability

We see that our clients are more likely to follow through with their fitness goals when they have DXA scans. They have solid data to base their goals on and are able to measure their success.

4. Your Health

Seriously, We all need to be taking care of ourselves. No other body composition test provides the level of detail that a DXA scan does.

5. Professional Sports Teams have it

That’s right! We would love to take credit for this advancement in fitness. The reality is that a DXA scanner is common in every NFL locker room and becoming common at the NCAA level. We figured why not provide this service to everyday people like you.
What are you waiting for? DXA scans are the simplest and easiest way to learn about your body. Whether you are verifying your metrics or starting a new fitness journey.
DXA Body Composition

Lean Muscle Heavier than Cold Steel

By | DXA

Today in the greater Sacramento area thousands of people just like you will go the gym, yoga studio, see a personal trainer, or perhaps participate in a group fitness class. We applaud all of you.

For some people just starting out on their fitness journey seeing results is important, not only for their desire to improve their body shape but for their self-esteem and encouragement to keep and maintain a fitness lifestyle. There are many great gyms that offer 30, 60, or 90-day challenges. Where in a group fitness setting goals are set and tracked together. Often times people are discouraged when just getting back to a fitness program.


Lean muscle weighs as much as 5 times that of body fat when looked at by volume. Body fat is not dense like the muscle so if you had two cups one filled with body fat and another with lean muscle the muscle would be noticeably heavier. As people get stronger they put on muscle often times they adding muscle at a greater rate than they are burning fat.


If you are stepping on a scale looking for results you may be deceived. As you shed off excess body fat you are more than likely picking up lean muscle at the same time. So your body is really changing and you are making great progress but the scale does not tell the whole story. DXA body composition scans tell the whole story in detail even breaking down specific regions of your body. With the ability to compare your previous results with the current scan Body Map 360 can change the way you look at your fitness program.

For more information about DXA Body Composition scans in the Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin or Folsom. Visit www.bodymap360.com today.