Body Map 360 is on the road and available for your upcoming event.

Please reach out to us directly by phone or email to secure your spot and make sure your event stands out from the rest.  We make hosting our scans easy by handling all client interactions from our online booking and payment portals, ensuring your staff can stay focused on their important roles and responsibilities.

Your Gym

Host Body Map 360 at your gym or training facility today. DXA body fat and composition testing is a great way to add value to your members’ and clients’ fitness experience. Personal trainers and boot camp coaches agree that DXA scans are the most accurate measures of fitness success. We see Body map 360 as a great way to sell additional memberships by adding this amenity to your gyms portfolio.

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Your Office

Body Map 360 is the perfect way to motivate and encourage your team while building a healthier and happier workplace. We will come to your office, scan interested employees and have them back to work motivated to make a positive physical change in their lives.

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