DXA, also known as DEXA, scans paint an accurate picture of the true makeup of your body

DXA, also known as DEXA, scans paint an accurate picture of the true makeup of your body

Each scan uses state of the art dual energy x-ray absorptiometry technology to give you a comprehensive breakdown of your body’s bone, lean muscle, and fatty tissue mass. With this eight to ten minute low dose x-ray scan, you will have the most accurate tracking system to measure and re-measure your body’s progress on your weight loss and fitness journey.

Why DXA ?

DXA body composition scans stand out from other body fat tests for a number of reasons: safe, convenient, less invasive, accurate, provides usable information, affordable and the ability to monitor total or regional lean muscle mass, fat and bone in your body are all reasons to choose DXA. Gone are the days of intrusive skinfold caliper testing, submerging yourself in water for hydrostatic weighing or settling for less accurate bioelectrical impedance testing. Choose DXA and save time and money without the hassle.

  • Convenient

    With our mobile setting, we come to you and each scan can be completed in roughly 8 minutes.

  • Non invasive

    While other body fat analysis methods require stripping down to a bathing suit or holding your breath underwater, a DXA scan can be done lying down in the comfort of your clothing.

  • Accurate

    DXA body composition scans are the most accurate of all body compositions tests available today.

  • Safe

    The radiation you will be exposed to is similar to spending a day in the sun or eating four bananas.

  • Tracks your real results and real change

  • While many people get caught up on their weight on a scale, a DXA scan will give you the ability see your true gains and losses of lean muscle and body fat not just a number on a scale. We have the unique ability to compare your scans over time using state of the are medical grade technology.

Low cost

Our $55 scans are inexpensive coupled with our wellness consultation you will be on your way to SUCCESS ! 


Our convenient mobile van comes to your Gym, Office or Local event. In 10 short minutes all while wearing gym clothes your scan is completed. Your detailed report is created and our enthusiastic consultant will explain exactly what it all means. You will leave better understanding your body make up and your fitness path.



Hydrostatic weighing (also known as underwater weighing) involves submerging yourself in a pool and being weighed on a special scale. Once in the pool, you exhale all your air, completely submerge yourself in the water, and let the scale record your weight. Your underwater weight is compared with what you weigh on land, and these numbers, together with the value of the density of the water in the pool, are put through a series of calculations. This test is less convenient than other methods and just like calipers, these calculations only produce your body fat percentage.


Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA)

DXA is a medical test that involves lying on a table while a machine sends small amounts X-rays through your body and measures the difference in the amount of energy initially sent through the body and the amount detected after it exits the body. Although DXA was originally designed to measure bone density, Developed for professional athletes it is now considered the “Gold Standard” for measuring body composition.  It can produce results such as body fat percentage and soft lean mass as well. Unlike calipers and underwater weighing, DXA scans are able to measure the body segmentally, scanning each arm and the trunk separately in order to accurately measure body fat percentage, soft lean mass, and other body composition elements. DXA is highly accurate from scan to scan so tracking your success is easy!

Bioelectrical Impedance

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a simple method of measuring muscle and body fat using electrical current. By sending an electrical current through a persons body the resistance can be measured and then mathematical algorithms are used to calculate the amount of muscle vs. body fat. Bioelectric Impedance Analysis is the system that your bathroom scale uses to calculate your body fat percentage. This method of measurement depends on the conditions being ideal to generate the best results.

OUR GOAL is to share in YOUR SUCCESS. Seeing our clients succeed and helping them achieve their diet and exercise goals is a rewarding experience for everyone.

The fact that you are taking the right steps to improve your health and feel better about yourself. We know that you can do it !

Our DXA Body Composition scan and wellness Consultations result in clear measurements of your current health which helps you feel better knowing that you are on the right track. Don’t risk losing the opportunity to make a positive change in your life today. When you have quantifiable measures of your success you will maintain your program and feel better.

I have done all of the body composition measurements methods before, the hydrostatic dunk tank, the bod pod, the skin fold caliper method.. and the weight scale with the sensors... none come close to this new breakthrough in scanning technology, it is perhaps the best. The margin of error is so minute, its almost perfect (especially compared to its predecessors. . .). The subject being analyzed doesn't have to hold their breath, get dunked, get Claustrophobic, get pinched, get undressed or do several takes... one time, barra bing, barra boom, your done. The procedure is so noninvasive and only takes 10 mins of actual scanning (approximately). You dont have to fast, you dont have change your eating habits.. its literally the most user friendly method available. Body Map 360 is mobile, and operate all over Sacramento. The team are super friendly and very knowledgeable of health/sport science. At the end of the scan, they will give you a folder with your analasis and explain the result. I was very satisfied with the method, like I said, Ive done them all. The best part of all of this, very economical. UC Davis does the same exact thing, but will set you back on average, 125 bucks. Right now, Body Map 360 only charges 49.00, (I love it). Nate and Jarred, you guys are awesome. I cant wait to come back and do a followup. I know when the word gets out, you guys will need to expand

Larry R.